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           FBB English.txt With Greeting
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                                                                                  WFBB 7.00I 16 BIT Update
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                                                                                                        WinFbb32 7.01
                                                                                 RUNFBB.BAT With HouseKeeping Reporting
                                                                                            WFBB C 32 Connection Filters
                                                                                                        Protus 4 C_Filters
                                                                                              ANALOGX PORTMAPPER
                                                                                                   Programs Starup Delay
                                                                                              Weather Watcher FBB Beacon
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                                                                                                        UI-VIEW APRS Software

                                                                                                                   WinPack 6.8 Software 

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 This is my Web page dedicated to Amateur Radio.  I have been an Amateur Radio Operator since 1992
operating mainly on VHF, UHF Voice and 2m Packet, SSTV and ATV.

E-Mail mmelnik1@wi.rr.com

 Packet Radio BBS Forwarding:

On the Packet side, I operate the Racine County Full-Service Packet Radio BBS, AXIP Node, DX-Cluster and
RMS Winlink Packet Gateway with both 2m RF and Internet/Telnet/AXIP connectivity.

In addition my system operates the BPQ software (version 410d Beta) for the packet NODE.

The WFBB BBS operates under the call N9PMO and has been in service since 1999
It is online 24/7 and is connected to the world wide packet network, forwarding Packet mail and Bulletins. 
Over 100 packet bulletins per day are usually received from the network.
The BBS has two types of ports, one type accesses the packet NODE N9PMO-2 via the BPQ software.
The second type of port accesses the BBS via Telnet connections from the Internet.

The BBS accesses the internet and connects to FORWARDING partners via Telnet connections on several Telnet ports or RF.
TCP Ports 23 and 6300 are Public Access ports for Licensed Amateur Radio Operators, Limited to Read Only without a Pass Word,
Windows Hyper Terminal in TCP/IP (Winsock Mode) or WinPack may be used for Telnet Connections, Host Name: n9pmo.dyndns.org

TCP Ports: 10030, 6300, 6301, 6303 and 23
UDP Ports: 93, 192,10031,10083 and 10093
Are used for Telnet/AX25/AXIP forwarding to the list of BBSs that are FORWARD partners. 


#1  AB9FT.#CWI.WI.USA.NOAM                                Josh                                                         Sheboygan, WI
#2  CX2SA.LAV.URY.SA                                                 Jose                                                         Minas Lavalleja Uruguay
#3  K2IWR.#CNY.NY.USA.NOAM                                Chris                                                        Cortland, NY
#4  K9BBS.#SIN.IN.USA.NA                                           Jerry                                                         Mitchell, IN
#5  KB8DM.#NECO.CO.USA.NOAM                            Karl                                                          Aurora, CO
#6  KB8OAK.#SWMI.MI.USA.NOAM                         Dennis                                                     Albion, MI
#7  KC8GKF.#SWMI.MI.USA.NA                                  Jeff                                                           Muskegon, MI
#8  KB9RRX.#SEWI.WI.USA.NOAM                            Dennis                                                     Racine, WI
#9  KC9S.#CIL.IL.USA.NOAM                                        Clint                                                         Sullivan, IL
#10 KD4GCA.#GAS.NC.USA.NA                                   Richard                                                    Gastonia, NC
#11 KG6BAJ.#NCA.CA.USA.NOAM                             Bill                                                            Grass Valley, CA
#12 GB7LDI.#35.GBR.EU                                                   Roger                                                       Carleton, UK
#13 N0KFQ.#SWMO.MO.USA.NA                                Kenneth                                                   Branson, MO
#14 N2BQF.#NLI..NY.USA.NA                                        Alan                                                         Copiague, NY
#15 N4JOA.#WPBFL.FL.USA.NOAM                            Joe                                                            Boynton Beach, FL
#16 N4ZKF.#NFL.FL.USA.NOAM                                  Dave                                                         Daytona Beach, FL
#17 N5IN.#NWMN.MN.USA.NOAM                             Ron                                                           Thief River Falls, MN
#18 N9LYA.#SIN.IN.USA.NA                                          Jerry                                                          Michell, IN
#19 W1NGL.OR.USA.NOAM                                           Kevin                                                        Salem, OR
#20 W9OTR.#SIN.IN.USA.NA                                         Hoosier Radio                                         Michell, IN
#21 VA3UIN.#EON.ON.CAN.NOAM                              Drew                                                         Kingston, ON CAN
#22 VE3KPG.#ECON.ON.CA.NA                                      Kawartha Packet Group                        Cayuga, ON  CAN
#23 VE3UIL.#EON.ON.CAN.NOAM                                Mike                                                         Smiths Falls, ON CAN

RF Forwarding:
#24 KB9PRF.#SEWI.WI.USA.NOAM                              Dave                                                        Hartland, WI
#25 KB9PVH.#CWI.WI.USA.NOAM                               Steve                                                        Lowell, WI
#26 N9WWR.#SEWI.WI.USA.NOAM                            John                                                          Racine, WI
#27 N9ZXS.#SEWI.WI.USA.NOAM                                Don                                                          Milwaukee, WI

Packet Radio Links:

Through the N9PMO-2 Packet NODE, there are Four Radio ports available 145.030 MHz, 145.050 Mhz
and 145.070 MHz at 1200Baud and 446.100 MHz at 9600Baud


Winlink 2000 Utilizes enabling technologies and sound operating practices to provide a full-featured
radio digital message transfer system, worldwide.  Email transfer with attachments,  position reporting,
graphic or text-based weather bulletins, and emergency communications are now available separately
to the Amateur radio, the Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS), and UK Cadet Forces communities by
linking radio to the Internet.

 For the Amateur service, Winlink 2000 users, whether on the high seas, jungles of a remote region,
or traveling in an RV, have the ability to provide their family and friends with the state of their
safety and well-being along with the joys of their travels.

 The Winlink/RMS Packet Telnet Gateway is available from N9PMO-10 accessible on 145.03, 145.05 and 145.07 MHz

Weather Beacons:

As part of the normal packet BBS beacon announcing call, and awaiting mail, Using a Program I Adapted,
the BBS also announces local weather conditions,  Temperature, Wind Speed, Wind Direction and Wind Gust,
Also Selected Weather Watches/Warnings, This is provided via a weather feed from Weather.Com and uses software
written by Singer Enterprises called "Weather Watcher" Version 5.6.23c


As part of the APRS network in Racine County, I operate an APRS WX beacon on Internet using the call N9PMO.
WX information is provided by Weather.com using Weather Watcher mentioned above, as well as a small application
written by Jose CX2SA to format the weather information into standard packet weather string for transmission.

Check it out here FINDU.COM    

System Software used:

WinFbb 7.00E 32 Bit version
BPQ32 Node Switch Version 410e_2008Jul27
UI-View32 V 2.03 (APRS)
UI-NWS V 2.71
Precision Mapping V 7
RMS Packet Server V
Packlink MP V
Weather Watcher V 5.6.23c

Thanks To Mike VE3UIL for the help with my Web Site.